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How to Make Money from Online Auctions
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How to Make Money from Online Auctions

By: jakes

If your business is not using BidorBuy and other Internet
auctions, you could be missing out. Here are just a
few ways of generating additional income, profits and
cashflow based on data from online auctions.

1. Convert Excess Assets to Cash

Sell personal or industry items that you no longer
use. For example, are there slow moving inventory
items in your store? A major camera shop chain sells
their slow movers, pretty successfully, within BidorBuy.

2. Buy and Sell Anything

Sometimes people put merchandise out in the garbage because
they don`t need them anymore and don`t knew anyone who
could use them. You can successfully sell some of
these items by Internet auction.

As well, if you pick up bargains from garage sales,
flea markets, importers, wholesalers, closeout dealers
or other sources, these items can furthermore be sold through
online auctions.

3. Drop Shipping

There are suppliers who will ship one item at a time
for you. You don`t have to stock any inventory. You
simply pay your dropship supplier out of the money
you receive from your auction sale. They will ship
the product directly to your customer.

4. Self-Publishing

Do you have expertise in a specialized field of
interest to people? Then, you could publish your
own information product.

A very popular format for self-publishing information
products is the electronic book (or e-book). E-book
compilers, some of that are free, are readily
available on the Internet. When people buy your
e-book, they can download it from your website or
receive it by e-mail.

You could deal such self-published information
products on BidorBuy and some other Internet auction sites.
Incidentally, online auctions are an economical
method of testing the market for your information (or
other) products.

5. Reprint and Resale Rights

You may not want to compose your own guidelines or information
products presently. Or, perhaps, you may by now
have an information product, but would fancy to
supplement your salary with additional, related
product offerings. This is at which reprint and resale
rights come in.

You can buy the rights to reprint or resell excellent
information products came up with by other people. Some of
these rights are inexpensive.

In addition to selling these products based on information from your own
website, you can use Internet auctions to commence
extra sales. Another advantage of online auctions
is too they can create a multitude of traffic for your

6. Sell Your Services

Do you design logos or websites? Do you sell consulting
or other services? These, also, can be successfully sold
through eBay and other auction sites.

7. Supply Other Online Auctioneers

During the gold rush days, it is said that persons
who sell picks and shovels were more likely to make
money than those panning for gold. Similarly,
since there is such a big market for online auctions,
you can make money rendering BidorBuy sellers with information
and auction tools to assist them to start and grow their
own online auction business.

8. Internet Auction Consulting

As you gain experience and expertise in online
auctions, you might consider charging for your

Consulting services, seminars, info products
and other ways of packaging your knowledge can
earn you surplus income streams.

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