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Convert FLAC to WAV
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Convert FLAC to WAV

By: Mike Davis

WAV stands for WaveForm Audio File format. WAV is the main audio file format used by Windows computers and is the standard audio file format for CDs. It was developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM and remains largely as the audio file format of choice by recording companies and music professionals as WAV keeps all the sample of an audio when recorded in CD tracks, allowing for preservation of audio quality; and allows easier editing and audio manipulation of songs.
While WAV remains widely used in the music industry, ordinary users have largely switched over to other audio formats to digitally store their songs. Of these audio formats, 2 distinct compression formats have emerged - lossy and lossless compression formats. FLAC belong to the lossless audio compression formats. It is thus named because unlike lossy compression, which removes unnecessary data in order to achieve greater compressions, lossless compression packs file in such a way as to make them smaller without discarding or changing too much from the original. This makes lossless audio file formats such as FLAC advantageous in keeping high quality audio. However, users will sometimes want to convert FLAC to WAV if they want to uncompressed their FLAC files and use the original WAV file either for editing purposes or for compression to other audio file formats.
FLAC is short for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is maintained and continually developed by Xiph.Org. FLAC is widely used enough to be supported by quite a number of hardware and software products.
Choosing FLAC over WAV and vice versa
As mentioned above, FLAC is useful in getting a slightly smaller file size as compared to WAV files without losing quality. Many users who want to store music taken from original CDs and recordings use FLAC to save space and yet keep a high quality copy of the originals for later use if ever reproduction of the original files is needed.
WAV on the other hand is preferred when editing or when burning to a new media. Converters can only convert what is stored; it cannot improve upon a material being copied. Which is why an Mp3 being converted to WAV or to FLAC will not increase in audio quality. Compression into Mp3 (a lossy format) already exposed the audio file to data loss. The Mp3 copy will therefore only be able to restore the data it has retained. It cannot restore data it already lost.
How to Convert FLAC to WAV
To convert FLAC to WAV, you would need an audio converter. There are a number of free and purchased audio converters available online which allows conversion of FLAC to WAV. Once you have installed the converter on your computer, you can immediately change your audio files from FLAC into WAV.
Once installed, run the application. When prompted, choose the FLAC files you want to convert. You can choose to uncompress by batches or by single file - it is totally up to you. You can then use your WAV files to convert into other file formats you prefer or burn your WAV files into CDs for backup use.

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