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Aggressive Seo and Online Marketing Tips
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Aggressive Seo and Online Marketing Tips

By: Hans Luz

When to use Black Hat SEO Techniques with your business

With the recent growth of social media and the ability for anyone with a voice to have an opinion on the web there is more content appearing daily on the web than ever before.
Previously you needed to be able to build a website and upload the content yourself so content publishers needed some kind of web mastering skills but in the last few years we have moved to anyone and everyone being able to produce and publish content.

This change has meant your content is often published into a very crowded list of other sites in the search engines so its much harder for you to stand out.

You need to use all the common techniques for this such as sending it out to blog aggregation services, notifying other webmaster, building links manually with announcements through twitter and other social media sites but there is more you can do.

The search engines rank your pages based on authority, age and links coming in but also they rank you on the second level links so its links to your links if you understand that.

One common Black Hat SEO technique of getting your pages ranked is to put an article or page out and try to manually build links from the techniques i posted above but you can then take it to another step but with no pressure of penalty from the search engines flagging you for using this overly aggressive marketing.

Sometimes getting ranked only takes a few links from a few weak sites if you spend some time building links to your links.

Let me explain.

Lets say you publish an article or page and get a few links from twitter, word press sites or just general sites controlled by webmasters.
To use black hat SEO techniques on your own page is too risky because if you are using

your money site you could receive some penalty`s.
So the solution is simples.
Build links to your link.
Take the sites that are linking to you and use leading black hat seo tools like Autopligg.com to send links to the sites linking to you.
They will get benefit from you sending links to their site and you get benefits to your pages because you are second level down from their site.
The beauty of sending links to their pages is they get the benefit but they also absorb any potential risk.
If your article or page is targeted at one of the more aggressive or competitive verticals you can sometimes come on the google radar but if you are doing things white hat with your site and black hat with other peoples sites they will come on the radar and take any of the penalty`s google wishes to hand out when they do the occasional clean up of aggressive sites.

If you use this technique a lot you get to see lots of benefits but sometimes you can find their pages rank above you so you need to be very careful with the anchor text you use.
You can just use a name if you spamming word press sites which is good because yo get

through all the filters and people will pass you happily through the moderation list to white list their domain which makes it easier for you if they list one of your pages again so you can spank more links to their pages using the same list that was successful before.

Please do let me know if and when you have success`s with this technique and i will add any comments to this short article but also please tell me if you followed the steps and saw no benefit so i can revisit the article and maybe add more steps or information that may help you.

I will be publishing more articles on this thrilling subject so keep on checking back my profile page to see the new ones.

All the best and happy web mastering my friends.

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