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3d animation - is it an art or a technical skill?
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3d animation - is it an art or a technical skill?

By: Hellen Brisk

Lately almost every cinema movie has what is called computer graphics or 3d animation.
In some way this term has diminished the importance of the scene - as if 3d animation is something much easier to achieve than to set up and film the entire scene in real world.

The truth is that only people that don't have the slightest idea on how these 3d animations are created think this way. If anyone of them had tried to animate a simple walk cycle of an already existing character that is already set up for animation, they would understand what a great art is animating 3d characters.

I'm not even talking about creating the 3d model itself, texturing it so that it looks real. Then preparing it for animation... no, these things alone require separate articles because they are distinct professions performed by different 3d artists.

And what about rendering the 3d scene after it is animated. One frame of a cinema quality movie can render up to 6 hours, one second is 24 frames. So one second of animation on a powerful computer will render 6 days and nights. Now imagine that you have to render a 30 seconds clip. It will be 6 months for 30 seconds of animation. Mix this with the fact that some rendering artefacts or errors are seen only in the final high quality render and you have to repeat the render every time. So how do big companies make movies in time? Very simple render farms are used. Thousands of computers linked together that are working on the same scene.

Now that you know what is involved in creating 3d animations I hope that next time when you see some special effect in the next cinema flick you will have more respect and appreciation.

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